The Unparalleled Whitney Houston

I was planning to write about my first experiences with New York City’s Restaurant Week today.  But I didn’t feel right not honoring Whitney.  I grew up listening to – and loving – Whitney Houston.

I know it’s been said a million times in the past two days, but she sang the soundtrack to our lives.  I remember so incredibly well being driven to dance class in our burgundy van, singing along with mom and my sister to I Will Always Love You.  It always made us collapse into giggle fits at Mom hitting her version of the high notes. 🙂

My bestie, Lauren, and I danced to her through our awkward phase(s) and choreographed dances to her fabulous-ness.  And then we carried that into car-dancing from the moment one of us had access to a car.  And we continue our love-affair to this day…cause we’re the queen of the night…oh yeah.

I think Whitney was beautiful, talented and tragic in her own way.  I’m so sad and would have loved to see a true come back and some new songs.  I know I’ll be listening to her a bit more than usual this week.  Here’s to you, Whitney.

2 thoughts on “The Unparalleled Whitney Houston

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