Super Bowl Sunday!

How bout them Giants?  I hope everyone enjoyed the big game this Sunday.  We hosted our friends and had a great time.  And let me tell you, everyone went all out, whether they were contributing food, dessert or simply Giant spirit.

Scott made sure anyone walking by our apartment would know who we were rooting for.

As promised I wore my special Giants shirt and showed my spirit and support by cooking and cleaning all day. 🙂  I made gumbo, cheese dip and guacamole.

It was so fun to see what people were wearing as everyone started arriving.  I think Liz and Ryan took the cake (and brought some great cupcakes)- they could have passed for Giants Barbie and Ken!  Check out those glasses!

As always, Prince was happy to see Ryan.  Thank goodness Ryan is such a good sport about it.

Stu and Leslie contributed a…board.  I’m sure there was a name for it, but I don’t know what the official term was.  All I know is that we put our names on it and were assigned numbers.  The real news was the board decor!  They had put priceless pictures around the border  and made an entire collage on the back.

Scott and his friends have known each other for a very long time.  And these are some of the funniest, most creative guys I have ever met, so there was a plethora of pictures to choose from.

Lets have a close up, shall we?  Yes, that is a Budweiser in a Giants hat and Eli Manning with a stunning stache.  I love the creativity.

Even the little guy got in on the action.

Here’s the board in its place of honor.

And oh, the food!  I couldn’t move by the end of the night, because I ate so much.  We had gumbo, homemade wings, baked ziti and even Giants cupcakes.  And of course, every chip imaginable.

Yes, that is a second TV set up in the kitchen.

Thanks to Liz for the delicious, fun cupcakes.

Everyone was choosing their cupcake based on their favorite player – I couldn’t tell you anyone’s number so I went for the “G” of “G Men.”

No one was allowed to eat Eli Manning’s number 10 until the end.  Didn’t want to jinx anything 🙂

This is the most people we have had in the apartment to date, but I think it actually worked out pretty well.

Although some people did get creative with their seat choices.

Prince loved all of the people and even found a new friend!  Although he was not a fan of the yelling so would pretty consistently run and hide in the pile of coats on our bed.

The game was a nail biter at the end.  I was taking this picture of Scott but I think Leslie’s face in the background really expresses how we were all feeling.

It was pretty tense in the apartment for that last minute until…


Oh happy day.  Here’s the happy crew.

And we could finally eat the Eli Manning cupcake.  Cheers to you, MR. MVP, number 10.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday!

  1. All your Giants spirit and decorations make me so happy!! We hung out at our house, solo, avoiding all things Patriots! My husband wouldn’t even root for a the Giants with me, despite his NY Jets playing in NJ, at the same stadium, and representing the same state, he just wanted a “great game” (which he got!). I was even screaming at the TV and beggin Madonna to sing “Like a Prayer” (my fave song) for me at halftime. I’ll have to be in NY next time we’re in the Superbowl and do it right with you all. I was wearing my NFC Championship shirt, underneath my #31 Jason Sehorn Jersey (just like I did in 2008!!) So glad you guys are in the city where a team you love has won a Championship!!!! So awesome!

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