Go Giants!

I think we all know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday…and my husband could not be happier.  His beloved New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots. This is a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl, which, by the way, the Giants won.  I think Scott would be happy regardless that the Giants made the Super Bowl, however, I think he’s on cloud nine being here in the city for all of the excitement and hype.  He’s been able to watch games throughout the season with his fellow fans and really take in all of the Giant mania of New York.

Speaking of which…here are a few iPhone photos showcasing the love begin shown around the city.

This has been in the little Subway newspaper I get every day this week.

Buildings have replaced their flags with Giants flags.

Even the construction on the Second Avenue subway is showing some love!

And here’s the best representation of New York’s level of love and commitment to the Giants.

Yes, that is a bar named “Brady’s” renaming itself “Manning’s” in honor of the Giant’s quarterback, Eli Manning.  For those that don’t know…Tom Brady is the last name of some guy that plays on the Patriots.  So that simply couldn’t stand, especially this weekend.  I love the boldness and cheekiness of it all.  Photo credit goes to our friend Billy.  Thanks!

We are hosting a little Super Bowl soiree on Sunday.   We also hosted two weeks ago when the Giants played San Francisco.  That went well (both for the Giants and us) so we figured we’d offer to host again.  I think it will be a slightly fuller house but I’m excited.  I’ll be in my personalized Giant T-Shirt (it has my last name and favorite number, 11, on it) since that is how I know how to show support.  I can’t talk stats or anything, but I will sure deck myself out in your colors!  We will have food, drink and friends.  And hopefully a win.  What more could you ask for?  Hope everyone has fun plans for the game.  Enjoy and GO GIANTS!


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