Forty 1 North

While I was thinking about what to name this post, I was considering naming it “Wedding Night”… which might sound more…enticing…than I’m intending. Any who!  This morning on the Today show there was a “Valentine Getaway” segment.  It was recommending places to go for a romantic getaway.  And the hotel where Scott took me for our wedding night was featured!!  Forty 1 North in Newport!  I completely agree with the recommendation.  The rooms are beautiful. They were actually decorated in this decade, as opposed to most other hotels, which are permanently stuck in 1993 (in my humble opinion).

The wall paper is beautiful, there is a bit of sparkle, a fireplace and they have iPods preloaded with various playlists for different moods!  And that is just the standard room.  The tub was to die for and the shower had like, 3 or 4 different heads from all directions.  It was perfect.  Absolute perfection.  The only complaint I had was that I didn’t get to live there for a week and eat at their restaurant!  Oh, and that Scott totally hit my elbow on the door jamb as he was carrying me over the threshold.  I had a bruise the next day!

Anyways, I think we all know that I love Newport and would recommend it to anyone.  And this is probably the hotel I would recommend to most people as well.  And if you have a yacht, they have a marina so feel free to just sail on up!

And I feel like I have to mention that today must be my “Hey I’ve been there” day!  I’ve been to three of the hotels I’ve seen on TV today.  I had been to one of the other hotels mentioned in the Today Show segment as well.  The Wyndham Rio Mar in Puerto Rico for work.  And just now, Kelly (of Live with Kelly!) gave away a week at the Westin Diplomat in Florida and I’ve been there twice for work!  I think this is a sign that I traveled too much in the past.  But I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to some beautiful places.

Any one else have a hotel that they fell in love with?  Or have you ever seen a place you have been to on TV?  It’s kinda cool!


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