Lady and the Tramp

So rumor has it that William and Kate have gotten a puppy.  I don’t think its a secret that I admire Kate (or Catherine, as she prefers now).  I mean, we basically have the same birthday.  So imagine my happiness when (rumor has it) they got a cocker spaniel…the very same type of dog I had growing up!  I think we are destined to be friends.  (I’m actually not a stalker).

I don’t have any photos of my beloved Winston on my new computer (working on it).  But here’s a pretty good approximation:

Yes, Lady of Lady and the Tramp is a girl and a very pretty one at that.  Even though Winston was a boy, he’s probably best represented by Lady. Bless his heart.  He was a very good, sweet dog.  Scott and I often talk about the type of dog we want to get one day and Cocker Spaniels are always one breed we agree on.  So we will see!


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