Washington Square Park

This weekend we had a special visitor from Virginia – Hawaiian Ryan!  He was in town with friends but took time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with us.  I have known Ryan since I was six or seven years old.  He and Scott hit it off right away and started playing flag football together when we were in Virginia.  It’s actually a toss up now as to who he is better friends with.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it to the wedding…but maybe its lucky in a way.  Scott and I kept fighting over whose side of the aisle he should sit on.  Fighting in a friendly, loving way, of course!

So Ryan came over for pancakes on Saturday morning.  I think that’s the sign of a true friend…someone that I invite over for pancakes pre-shower, pre-makeup and still in my pajamas.  When he arrived, he had the world’s largest roast beef sandwich in tow.  His grandpa told him he had to get a sandwich from Roxy’s (in Times Square).  So he made a pit stop there on his way to our house.

Let’s get a close up shot, shall we?

I think that’s enough protein to last a week!

Since it was Ryan’s first time in the city, we figured we should show him some sights – but nothing that involved a line or paying, of course.  So later in the day we made our way down to Washington Square Park.  Scott and I hadn’t been yet, so we slowly worked our way down to Greenwich Village area – stopping along the way at some local watering holes.  Washington Square Park is right in the middle of NYU’s campus and it definitely has that energy of a college campus.  It’s seems like a fun area, with crepe shops, outdoor markets at nearby Union Square and big, brand name stores!  Oh, DSW, WholeFoods and Trader Joe’s, how I miss you!

Washington’s Arch was beautiful.

Here we are.  It’s rare that we have pictures of the two of us on the blog.

Here are some shots of me trying to be a photographer.

We saw this person creating what we thought was chalk art.  I got closer and it’s actually SAND!  He took handfuls of sand and dropped, threw and sprinkled it onto the sidewalk to make this art.  It was very impressive.

Or at least I thought so.  I looked around to find my two gentlemen absorbed in their cell phones.  I had fun at least!

And then it was off to their activity of choice – a bar.  At least I got my culture in.  It was great seeing you, Ryan.  Can’t wait for your second NYC adventure. 🙂


One thought on “Washington Square Park

  1. Really great to see you guys! Thank you so much for taking me around. To set the record straight I love you both EQUALLY! Scott enjoy the rest of that sandwich! I will hopefully see you both very shorly…


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