Our First Snow in NYC!

We had our first snow since we moved to the city this weekend!  I can’t say it was the first snow of our marriage, since it was snowing when we arrived home from our honeymoon on October 29.  As if we needed more reasons to not want to leave a tropical island.

When we woke up Saturday morning our little backyard was covered and it was still coming down.  I love that snow often seems to arrive over night.  It makes it seem so magical when you wake up and find the world transformed.  I think some of that magic is leftover from when we were little and would sneak to the window to see if our snow dance had worked and pray that school would be cancelled.

Our little backyard.

The snow still coming down.

Scott had to go out to put away the VT flag and add some wine bottles (from a surprise delivery!) to our outdoor cooler.  I think it is now a well-known fact that Prince’s life goal is to go outside.  So when the door was open, he tried to make his escape…and only got so far, as evidenced from his paw prints.  Not one paw left the door sill.

I guess he didn’t like the snow.

Once it stopped snowing, Scott decided we should take a walk to Central Park.  I grudgingly agreed.  To me, snow means staying inside and cuddling.  Not braving the elements.

But walk we did.  We stopped to get lunch at Papaya.  It’s a hot dog joint near our Subway stop.  I’ve seen it in movies before and we had just watched an episode of The Layover with Anthony Bourdain, in which he sang its praises.  So we decided we had to try it.

Scott got an original with sauerkraut and I got a number 2 (chili dogs) aka the one with a bite already taken.  We also tried the signature drink flavor, papaya, and of course had curly fries on the side.  Scott liked the papaya drink, while I stared longingly at the fountain diet coke.

After lunch, we continued our trek to Central Park.  By now, it had started snowing again and the wind was brutal. Oh, and let me tell you about the cold, slushy, gray oceans that gather at every crosswalk when it snows.  They were impossible to avoid and at first glance look like the normal sidewalk.  Until you step into them and your foot disappears.  Oh the joys of a walking city.  Luckily, Scott had waterproofed our boots.  I just felt bad for people with strollers.

We finally made it to Central Park.  And like magic, right when we entered the park, the wind stopped!  It was lovely. I was so glad I let Scott make me go outside.

Stairs covered in snow!  People who know me best know that I love stairs.  Especially old, interesting ones.  And don’t even get me started on the Spanish Steps.  So these made me happy.

The walkway around the Jacqueline Onassis reservoir.

I’ve learned enough about New York by now to not be surprised by the number of people cross-country skiing in the park.

Or by the amount of doggie footwear I saw.  This guy was probably my favorite, which is why I tested out our camera’s zoom lens to get a picture.  Scott pretended not to know me.

And then we got to go home, cuddle under some blankets, watch a good movie and have a delicious home-cooked meal (anyone else loving brussels sprouts right now?).  Hope everyone else had a good snow day!


2 thoughts on “Our First Snow in NYC!

  1. Lovely story, Rebecca. We are happy that you two had a great snow day. Please say Hi to Scott for us. He’s such a nice young man.

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