Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 26!  Clearly, I’ve already done my celebrating with Scott, but there is still something special about your actual birthday-day.  Prince gave me a very good present and didn’t cry too much last night so I got a good night of sleep before having to be up super early for work.  I’ve been to the hotel for our event by 7:00 am or earlier this week.  It’s been fun walking around the city before the sun has come up and seeing how different it is than during the middle of the day or evening.  And yet the Subway is still crowded.

So the extent of my celebration today (thus far) has been to open the cards that I’ve received over the last week, as well as a package that arrived from my mom.  (She actually sent 2 presents – one being part 1 of the 7th Harry Potter film.  Amazon’s packaging sorta ruined the surprise on that one!)

My other little treat was a pretty calendar from Paper Source.  I am obsessed with Paper Source!  So many pretty papers, note cards, stamps, embossing materials and craft projects.  Unfortunately, I think the closest one to my new home is in Brooklyn.  Cue sad sound effect.  But hooray for online shopping!

I wanted a pretty calendar to put up on the wall opposite my kitchen.  It’s a small area that has our buzzer (to let people in the front door) so it can’t really have anything big there.  I sent mom a few links and then this showed up on my doorstep!

Isn’t it pretty?  Yes, it’s flowers, but I think Scott will deal.  He wants more color in the apartment anyways, and I think this accomplishes that.

Here’s January – because it’s the most important month of the year!  Please forgive the iPhone photos…and the terrible cropping/ spacing.  It was early and pre-coffee!

And here’s another one just because it’s pretty!

Thanks, mom!  Can’t wait to put it up.


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