Reasons I Heart New York

1. You actually help little old ladies cross the street.

While waiting to cross the street one day, I felt someone take hold of my arm.  It was gentle, but I was still freaked out.  I mean, it is New York after all.  When I turned, I saw a little old lady.  She just asked me to help her read a sign under some scaffolding.  It was indeed the CVS she was looking for.  The light  changed for us to walk across the street, and she kept holding on.  So I helped her across the street, all the while thinking, “Holy moly, I’m literally helping an old woman across the street right now.”  When we parted ways, she thanked me so kindly and kept saying “God bless you.”  It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.

2.  During Christmas time the streets in our neighborhood filled with Christmas tree “lots.”  

When you walked past it smelled like an entire evergreen forest. It definitely made up for not having a real tree in our home!

3.  People are totally themselves and say what they think.

While checking out at H&M with the most adorable, sparkly little girl shoes, the male cashier said “Wow, these are really cute.”  And he was a young, hip and way cooler than I was.  Love.

4.  Grocery store stockmen do floral arrangements!

A lot of the smaller grocery stores have an outdoor flower display running the entire length of the store.  They have the most beautiful flower selection and arrangements.  The part I love best is the stock guys doing the flower arrangements themselves right there on a table outside.  To look at them, you would never know they would have such a skill.  And then they are right back to hauling boxes.

5. Scott and I agree on this one – people are so friendly!  

They are much nicer than we anticipated before we arrived.  People do hold open the door or run after you if you’ve dropped something (I am talking from personal experience here).

6. Scott and I can walk to meet each other after work!

I started a new job on Wednesday and it on the same street as Scott’s office (Madison Avenue).  We are just 10 blocks apart.  So it was incredibly easy to meet up for dinner last night.  It’s such a far cry from our lives in Northern Virginia, where we each drove an hour plus to work each day and there was almost no chance of seeing each other on a work night.  So, yay New York!


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