A nice little Tuesday

The Tuesday after Christmas found us back home on the Upper East Side.  We allowed ourselves to moderately sleep in before getting down to the business of deep cleaning the apartment.  Which, I might add, I had scrubbed down before we left.  Why so much cleaning, you ask?  Well, because we had my lovely sister- and brother-in-law coming to visit!  And unfortunately, Jessica is allergic to cats.  Sorry, Prince.

The air filter was on high and the special pet hair dust buster was in major use.  We were just hoping against hope that Jess would be able to spend time here, since Prince will be around for awhile and we really want her to be able to visit our home!

Luckily, everything seemed to go well.  We just plopped her in front of the air purifier and thwarted all of Prince’s attempts to jump in her lap.  He must have a radar or something.  Poor Jess and Dan had been in four different cities/states in four days and we were their last stop before home.  So rather than taking to the streets and trying to fit a lot of activities in, we decided to stay in, enjoy each others company and relax.  I also managed to work in some Catch Phrase.  I think it was the perfect rainy Tuesday afternoon.

We did make it out for a delicious dinner downtown.  Jess had the brilliant idea for each of us to order the drink for the person sitting across from us.  So of course, Scott ended up with a drink called a “Pink Pussycat,” and I had a drink with jalapeños in it.  And no, Scott and I did not order for each other.

We got a birthday surprise for Scott at the end of dinner.

Jess and I then found our way to a photo booth…best idea ever!

And now for some close ups.

We stopped at McSorley’s Old Ale House, the oldest Irish tavern in New York City, on our way home.  It also has the distinguished honor of being one of the last “men-only” pubs in the country.  They didn’t allow women in until 1970 (when they were legally forced to do so).

I imagine they haven’t changed their beer selection since they opened either.  Your choice is…light or dark.  We ordered three dark and one light (for me).  And this is what we got.

Yes, that’s eight beers.  You get two beers per order.  And the light isn’t so light, but it was actually quite delicious.  I think Dan and Scott enjoyed themselves 🙂

We women held our own.

When we got home, a miracle happened!

Friends!  As long as Jess doesn’t get too friendly, and seriously scrubs her hands after, she can pet Prince.  I’m just relieved that we now know that Jess and Dan can come visit us.  And it bodes well for anyone else that has allergies, too.

We loved sharing our new home with family.  Jess and Dan were wonderful house guests.  Now we can’t wait to make our way up to Massachusetts to see their new home!


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