Our Christmas Vacation

Happy New Year everyone!  Scott and I had a lovely Christmas holiday.  We spent a little over three days in Virginia – or the confederacy as many of our “Northern” friends refer to it.  It felt strange to leave the city and be driving a car (if you’re Scott) or riding in the front seat of a car, rather than the backseat of a cab (if you’re me).

When we got home to Manassas, we got straight to business and headed right to Tony’s for dinner.  It seems strange that I now live in NYC and still crave Tony’s N.Y. pizza.  New York may know how to do pizza but I’ve yet to find anything that touches Tony’s greek salad.

Then the family walked around Old Town Manassas for the lights and the charm.  We made our way to the ice skating rink (the site of my Sweet Sixteen birthday).

The rink is next to the Manassas train station, which is the home of an old red caboose.  I’ve seen it a million times, but never really noticed a few of the finer details.  I had to laugh at what I saw, considering the way Scott’s friends teased us about us going to “the confederacy,” for Christmas.

I’m realizing more and more that my hometown is more “southern” than I realized while growing up.

On Christmas Eve, we were able to go to our home church for an evening service – it was so nice to see the pastor who married us and some old friends.  After a delicious dinner at Cava (if you live in Arlington and haven’t gone – you should), we had our now-traditional family photo session.

On Christmas morning we took the “kids at the top of the stairway in their new pajamas” pictures.

Yet another Burtch-family tradition (who knew we had so many!) is to put nicknames or hints about the present on each present’s tag.  Scott was inducted into the family this year, most notably by my sister.

Scott and I couldn’t go as crazy as we wanted to this year on presents.  But luckily we just had this huge event in our lives with lots of professional photographs available…so our family received many framed pictures, photo albums and picture calendars. 🙂

Our “big” present from Santa this year was a joint one for me and Scott – a new Wii – with a pink remote for me!  Major score!  I have been wanting one since we moved so that I can play the Michael Jackson Dance Experience.  Best game ever.  It’s been so nice to have Mr. Jackson back in my life.

Scott and I fighting it out to Thriller.  He consistently beats me at this song – and this song only!  It drives me crazy!

We had a nice quiet Christmas, with a family dinner followed by a visit to my bestie’s house down the street.  I got my bridesmaid dress for her (fast-approaching!) wedding and we had a great time catching up on the little, very important details.  It’s hard being so far away during her wedding planning.

On the 26th we stopped on our way out of town to visit with our friends the Dauberts with their sweet daughter, Carmen.  We knew that with a little one, they’d definitely be up so we could plan a morning visit.

Look at that smile!!

It was so nice to sneak in as many visits as we could before we headed back to  New Jersey for time with Scott’s family.  More Michael Jackson dancing ensued.

We had our secret santa gift exchange, but the little ones were the real stars of the show.  I can’t help but be jealous of all of the princess toys out there these days. I don’t know where they were when I was growing up!

Check out that green and red vest over a white collared shirt!  Liam got the best dressed man award.  I think it was the reindeer socks that put him over the edge.

We took a late train home from NJ to the city.  We had a very happy, frantic kitty waiting for us when we got back.  We were so exhausted and it was nice to be able to spend the night at home – when Prince wasn’t crying and/or trying to cuddle with us.  All in all, I’d say we had a very successful first Christmas as a married couple.


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