New Years Eve

I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in 2012.  We certainly did.  We hosted our first party and I think it was quite successful.  I know I had a fun 🙂

I started cooking/baking the day before; Scott’s birthday.  I wanted him to have a cake or dessert of some kind.   When I found this recipe for Snicker cupcakes on Bakingdom, I decided they were the winner.  Since no one needs 24 cupcakes in the house, I wanted to have them at the party so I had a captive audience to help me eat them.

You cut out the middle of the cupcakes and stuff it with pieces of snickers covered in caramel sauce.  You then ice the cupcakes and put more snickers on top of the icing.  Oh, and drizzle the whole thing with more caramel.  Yes, please.

Oh, and here’s the rest of the spread.

Like any good New Year’s party we had glittery hats and party poppers…which I put in a vase, of course.  (And our Christmas cards are also in a vase between the hats, if you’ll notice).  Scott asked me why I own 15 vases.  This is why!  You can put absolutely anything in them.  Or I have an addiction.  Take your pick.

The hats were a success, I’d say.

“Mom, please put this hat on me.  All the other guys have one.”

And surprise, surprise, the Michael Jackson Dance Experience made an appearance. Ryan and I had to show everyone how it was done.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Scott and I practically force fed our guests cupcakes.  Such a charming hostess. 🙂

We also worked on Scott’s VT hand sign.  Success!  Unfortunately, it didn’t help them in the Sugar Bowl.  Did I mention that my dad went to the University of Michigan?  It pains me.

Bottom line, fun was had by all (and I got to use a ton of wedding gifts for the first time)!

Prince may have had the best time of anyone, as he successfully made it outside countless times.  Which pretty much means he met his life goal.

Happy 2012!!


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