Kitchen Table Redo

In the month leading up to the wedding, I undertook my first furniture redo and upgrade. I’ve been reading Do It Yourself and home redo blogs for awhile.  I was inspired by it and had secretly wanted to try my hand at it for awhile.

Scott and I were fortunate enough to inherit a solid wood table from his parents.  They were moving and wanted to get new furniture and offered up everything to their kids.  Scott and I were sorely lacking furniture as we both had lived with roommates who had all of the furniture needed.  So we gladly accepted the table and chairs!

Here she is in the “before” stage.  I’d already disassembled it before I remembered to take pictures.

Table Top – check out the dirt on that edge.

The Base

The Leaves

The Chairs – there seemed to be some blue paint and some serious scratches.

The first order of business was cleaning all of the pieces.  And I’m not talking about just soap and water – I’m talking about resorting to sandpaper and even steel wool on some pieces.  I don’t think that it is recommended to use steel wool on wood, for fear of scratching.  But on some of the tougher pieces the sandpaper got gunked up too quickly.  So I used the finest steel wool I could find and didn’t have any issues.  It definitely was only as a last resort for stubborn dirt and grease.

When I was done cleaning, the chairs really shone!  At that point, I thought about what it would look like to just stain the table.  But my original plan was to paint the table white, so I decided to continue with it.

I started with a coat of primer.

And then moved onto white semi-gloss paint.  I did two coats on the base and a few more than that on the leaves and the table top.  I think that the leaves would have been fine with just two coats, but I wanted to do the same amount as the table top, so that if we ever use them, there won’t be any difference.  I finished it off with two coats of polyurethane.

Here is the finished product.

As for the chairs…I decided to spray paint them a darker color for some contrast with the table.  I went for a metallic spray paint in oil rubbed bronze.  They are a mix between black and very dark brown with a metallic sheen in the right light.  They definitely do give the contrast I wanted, but they aren’t a dull, flat color.  I used a spray paint with a built in primer, so I just went right to it.  It took a full two coats of spray paint per chair, plus a few touch ups in some areas.  I finished up with a high gloss spray on sealant.  The chairs are now wipeable and shiny.  Perfect for looks as well as function!

Here is the put-together result.  The table did suffer a bit in the move, but I plan to fix those scratches when the weather is a bit warmer.

We were so glad we had room for the table and four chairs in the apartment.  They’ve worked really well, and it was great to not have to purchase a new table and chairs.  We probably wouldn’t have gotten the look and color combination that we wanted and would most likely have ended up with something that was smaller and of lesser quality.  I’ve had so much fun setting the table every night.  All of the table linens, place mats and plates look so nice on the white background.

I definitely made some rookie mistakes, which I won’t do again.  Such as using a paint brush to apply the primer on the table top.  I then used a foam roller to put on the paint, but the brush strokes from the primer showed through, no matter how many coats of paint I used.  I think it is only noticeable to me, and only from certain lighting angles.  However, I lived and learned and will do better next time!  Not sure when the next time will be, but I have high hopes redoing more furniture in the future.  And lucky me, I actually have outdoor space at our apartment, so it’s on the table – so to speak.  (My dad instilled a good use of puns in me.)  Now, I’ve got my eye on an old bookshelf my grandfather made.  Maybe it will get a treatment similar to this.  Who knows?


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