Jewelry Art

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love jewelry (see my Elizabeth Taylor post).  So it stands to reason that I have collected a bit over the years.  But jewelry isn’t the easiest thing to store.  Dangly earrings are particularly difficult.

I didn’t really have a problem letting my jewelry take up my entire dresser when I lived on my own, but now that I’m married, I need to make sure I’m being fair about storage space. So until last night, I had the following contraption.  It is from Claire’s.  Eew.  But it’s the only thing I had found that stored and displayed earrings upright.   It would get top heavy and fall over if it wasn’t weighted down (please see the big necklace in the bottom rack) or leaning against the wall.  Another downfall was that it took up surface space on the dresser.

Soooo…when I came across this idea on Pinterest, I immediately became obsessed with making one for myself.  It’s classy, it displays the earrings almost like art, and it goes on the wall, which is always a plus around here. All I needed was a radiator cover and a frame.  I had already used all of my spare frames in our frame display.  So I did some searching for a suitable frame and found this on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I wonder why?  It was only $14.99 and we had a gift card there.  Score!

When it arrived yesterday, I just removed the backing, the “art,” and the glass from the front.   I had a radiator cover ready and waiting which I got at Home Depot on a trip a few weeks back.  I cut it down to size with normal scissors and simply taped it to the back of the  matting.  And voila!

I love it!  It’s so much more grown up.  And Scott is pleased because there is color on the walls.  I still have an obnoxiously large jewelry box which I probably need to do something about.  But one battle at a time!


3 thoughts on “Jewelry Art

  1. Ok, I finally have a moment to comment on your blog posts! I LOVE your new earring “frame!” I have been addicted to Pinterest and recently saw some neat ways to hang necklaces on the wall…you attach a fancy towel bar to the wall. Then hang some shower curtain rings along the bar…hang your necklaces from those. I think I have some saved on my Pinterest

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts! Keep them coming!


  2. Hi Rebecca! I saw this come up on my news feed on facebook and I was inspired to make one myself! I love it!

    I miss you and hope you are doing well. My brother lives up in NYC and I go up to visit him from time to time — next time maybe we can get a drink or a cup of coffee!

    • Hi Cara! I’m so glad you like it and made one yourself! I’d love to get together whenever you are in NYC next. Just let me know when you will be here 🙂

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