Our First Two Months…in Quotes

Last Thursday was our two month anniversary, so I thought I’d take some time to share a few quotes that I collected from our first two months of marriage.


Scott: Did I mumble just now?  Did you just understand that?

Me: ….No, I understood you.
Scott: Because sometimes when I think back on what I just said it sounds like, “uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
Me: Haha, well it kind of does, but I think I’m getting better at speaking “Scott.”
I was making the bed, and Scott brought Prince in and threw him into the middle of it all.  Prince spazzed out and ran away, of course.  But he left behind the distinct scent of litter – not what he does in the litter box, just the litter.  So I said…
Me: Did he just get out of the litter box?
Scott: Who?
Me: Who??  There is only one member of this family that uses a litter box!  If that’s not enough, there is only one other “HE” in this family.  What do you mean, WHO?
I love my husband.
Scott: Hey Becca, do you want $100?
Me: (thinking this is a cruel joke): What do you mean?
…I walk into the bedroom…see Scott holding cash
Me: Oh, you’re serious?
Scott: Here, take $120.
Me: Score!
On the Honeymoon…
As we neared the end of our honeymoon, I had a *minor* breakdown about how much we had to accomplish in such a short amount of time when we returned to Virginia.  It also started to sink in that I wouldn’t be living near my parents, best friends or church in a few short days.  Much emotional babbling ensued.
So my wonderful, newly-wed husband let me cry and talk myself out.  He gave me a hug and then said quite possibly the most comforting thing he could have said to me:
Scott: Do you want to make a list?
Most people would have suggested that I just stop freaking out and remember that I was in paradise and how about we go to the bar?  Or said something along the lines of  “This is for the best,” “This is a great opportunity for me,” “you’ll be just a train ride away” or something else that is trying to be comforting.  None of that would have worked for me.  
Because of course I wanted to make a list!  It was actually the only thing I could think of to make me feel better in that moment.  Organizing and categorizing is the best way for me to de-stress.  I love that he knows this about me and knew how to make me feel better.

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