Frames, Frames, Frames

We’re making progress!  We took something which was ready to take up permanent residence on the floor and incorporated it into the decor.  At our wedding, I had a display of family photos.  I pretty much took a bunch of random frames and spray painted them all white for a cohesive, yet (hopefully) not matchy-matchy look.

Here it is in action.

After the wedding, I had to figure out something to do with all of these frames.  I thought it would be fun to make them into a collage on the wall.  There is definitely a lack of usable surface areas in this house.  So if something can go on the wall, we are all in.

I took the frames and played around with them on the floor and tried a bunch of different arrangements.  I settled on this one.

That was all fine and good, but it took a few more weeks for us to actually make any moves.  On Sunday, we finally got around to it.  We cut paper in the shape of each frame and used them to layout the placement on the wall first.  I figured it was in our marriage’s best interest to “measure twice,” so to speak, before putting nine holes in the wall.

Prince oversaw everything.

Scott took a stab at arranging them on the wall.  He was so helpful, but left all of the tweaking to me.

There was much studying of the original picture.

I then sat for a good 10 minutes looking at the following scene…back and forth between the real thing on the wall and the original photo.

I finally gave Scott the go ahead and he put all of the frames up.  Aaand I love it!

Another angle.

We now need to fill the frames.  I used a free credit on SnapFish to order the photos and they should be here any day now!  I’m afraid it may look like an homage to the wedding at this point, but my goal is for it to be an ever-changing display.  More updates when the photos are in!

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