The First Meal

This past Friday, Scott and I had a “Stay In Date Night.”  As I was cooking him dinner, I realized that I’ve come a long way since our first real meal in the apartment, when I actually took pictures of the finished product!  I had been anxiously waiting to make meals with all of the beautiful, wonderful, fabulous gifts I had received at my showers and wedding.  And they did not disappoint!  Our first meal was braised beef short ribs with creamy goat cheese polenta.  Yumm!

Here are the short ribs in my new favorite pot – a Mario Batali dutch oven.

We have a very small stove, so I was happy to find that I could fit more than one pot on it at a time.

I had been looking forward to setting the table as much as preparing the actual meal.  Scott didn’t want to register for the napkin rings, so I have been sure to use them at practically every meal 🙂

Five points if you can spot the Prince!  At most meals, you can actually find him sitting on his own chair at the table.

So there you have it! I may not be taking pictures at meals anymore, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying my new kitchen.


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