The After

So I promised before Thanksgiving to be back with some “After” pictures of the apartment.   “Current” is probably a more accurate term.  I tried to get some from the same angles as the “Before.”

Here is our view of the living area as you stand in the kitchen.  Please notice the new couch and ottoman.  It’s a storage ottoman, which is key.  There’s still a lot of stuff lying around we aren’t sure what to do with.  I think the next purchase will be an entertainment center or some sort of storage unit under the TV.

The new couch with Scott’s Newport painting.

Our table, which I redid before the wedding.

The kitchen.

Close up of the shelves to the right.  I’m still working out what I want to have on those, but it works for now.

And now for the bathroom…

The shelf we put up.

A different angle.

The bedroom.  It’s a big step to have Scott’s closet organized and have a bed and dresser in there.  But we obviously have a lot of work to make it pretty.

My closet, in the hallway.

The backyard.  There are still some boxes/a table out there we need to clear out, but it’s so much better.

The backyard is Prince’s favorite place, by far.  He’s mastered jumping out of the door and if it is shut, he cries to be let out.  We have to remind him that he isn’t a dog.  We may actually have to cut him off completely, as he is tracking in a ton of dirt and I’ve found leaves stuck in his tail.  Oh the joys of pet ownership.

So there you have it.  I’ll do a side-by-side before and after when we make a little more progress!


6 thoughts on “The After

  1. Loving all these updates, Rebecca! Glad to see you and Scott are getting settled in, and seem to be enjoying life in the concrete jungle. Hoping to get up there to visit you- maybe in the spring?!

  2. You have both done a FANTASTIC JOB!! The apartment looks fantastic and looks so much bigger than when we left you both on Halloween!

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