The TV Saga

This past Saturday, Scott and I had big plans…we were going to mount the flat screen on the wall, decorate for Christmas and then head to the NYC Hokie bar to watch the Commonwealth Cup at 3:30 pm.  So after breakfast, Scott got down to business, promising me it would be an hour long project.

Where the TV needed to end up (wall to the right of the fireplace):

Where the TV started.

There was much measuring and I marked everything off with post it notes.  Very clear, right??

Scott then starting drilling the six holes needed.  That’s when we found out that a little over an inch behind the dry wall was solid brick.  So off Scott went to the hardware store for a masonry bit.  It helped, but it wasn’t easy going.  I soon stopped thinking we’d get Christmas decorating done and just hoped it would be up in time for the 3:30 pm kickoff.

Well, a little after 3:00 this was our scene…

Poor Scott, putting all of his weight behind the drill.

And my feelings about it all…

So my sweet husband hooked up the little TV to tide me over and kept working away.  You know he was frustrated – he hadn’t showered yet and was continuing to attack the wall rather than kick back with a beer and football.

Making progress.

And done!  Scott doing his happy dance!

And here is the finished product.  Go Hokies 😉


One thought on “The TV Saga

  1. That’s very similar to our shelf experience. We had to go out and get a whole new drill! Brick really sucks sometimes. Yay Hokies though!!!

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