I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Scott and I traveled to New Jersey to spend it with his parents and his brother’s family.  His sister and her husband couldn’t join us since they have a large move to prepare for.  We had a great couple of days visiting with family and friends.  We even managed to sneak in a surprise second Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday (thank you to the Eadons!).

One of the best parts about spending the holiday in New Jersey for us was the one hour (!) train ride to get there.  It was one of the easiest holiday travel days Scott or I have had in a very long time.  It was so nice for neither of us to have to drive or worry about traffic.  However, it was strange for me to not spend any time with my family.  It’s hard to be in a new household, away from your family, comforts and traditions for the first time.  On the other hand, Scott and I have spent holidays apart until now.  So this is the first year we get to wake up together in the same place on a holiday, which is something I was so looking forward to at this time last year!  So I have to count my blessings.

We decided to head in on Wednesday evening.  The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest going-out night of the year, after all.  Nevermind that we now live in the same city as all of Scott’s high school friends…we all needed to gather in their hometown and go out together there!  I didn’t mind.  I love Scott’s friends and have always felt very welcome with them.  They are also some of the funniest guys around and we always have fun together.

Playing some shuffle board.


On Thanksgiving morning, Mark, Steph, Avery and Liam joined us.  We had a very laid-back day watching football and spending time together.

This was the first time we’ve been able to spend quality time with Liam since he was born.  The last time we saw him was at our wedding and we were a bit preoccupied…and he slept through the whole thing anyway. 🙂

Avery making cookies with her mom and Nanny.

Avery and her great-grandmother, Grammy.

The feast.

After everyone had changed into jammies (and we made our way home from dinner numero dos), Scott and I gave out the presents we got everyone while on our honeymoon.

A Caribbean reversible doll for Avery.  I was worried she wouldn’t like it due to lack of pink and sparkle, but it was a hit!

Liam’s bobble head turtle.

On Friday afternoon, Scott and I went to Red Bank to do some antiquing. There is a strip of six or seven antique stores in a row downtown.  I’ve been saying I want to go since my first visit to the great state of New Jersey and four years later it finally happened!  We didn’t buy anything but it’s amazing what you can find in some of these places.

I wanted to buy this table and paint it a fun blue or smoky gray (there was glass over the top).

This dollhouse was built in the early 1900s – and looked it.

A knight’s helmet?

A light from a movie set in Hollywood.

A ships wheel.

Aaaand vampire stakes – has Twilight permeated the antiquing crowd too?

Friday night we went to the town’s Christmas concert and tree lighting.   We met up with Scott’s cousin and his little girl, Julia, there.  Some scenes from the night.

So sweet, two little girls on their daddy’s shoulders.

Who says little girls can’t pull off light-up Kanye shades?

Steph with her amazing camera trying to get a good picture of Avery.  Unfortunately, Avery has decided she’s in an anti-camera phase.  But she’s full of energy and is constantly moving and dancing and doing cute things – which you want to capture on camera.  It’s quite the problem!

Me and Steph!


The Fitz’s

Scott getting in on “Chase Avery” duty.

Caught her!

And finally, the Big Man himself made his way into the crowd… He actually made his entrance from Tiffany’s…perhaps he was picking up something for Scott to put under our tree??

Avery wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was exciting all the same.

I’m all primed and ready for Christmas now.  Let the season begin!

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