Our first house guest!

This past weekend my little sister, Megan, came to visit us.  We were so excited to have her and she was a perfect first guest.  She arrived on Saturday morning, and that afternoon we spent time looking at wedding pictures and just hanging out.  That evening we made our way to midtown to see Grand Central Station and Scott’s office.  We spent a lot of time walking around the city while Megan was visiting.  This was my view for a lot of her trip…

Probably a result of constantly pulling out my camera.  I must have looked like the biggest tourist.  If I have been to Grand Central before, I never took the time to really appreciate it.  It has a beautiful ceiling and architecture.

This weekend a lot of the city’s holiday markets opened up.  There was one in Grand Central, which Megan and I both thoroughly enjoyed.  Scott spent most of his time marveling at how woman are able to choose “what they want out of the thousands of other sparkly things”.  I personally loved the crazy knitted hats 🙂

We spent some time walking around seeing some of the sights.  Midtown is so different from our neighborhood on the Upper East Side!  So much busier and everything is so much taller.  We saw Scott’s building on Madison Avenue – he’s a true “Mad Man” now.

Then we found our way over to the New York Public Library.  We didn’t make our way inside, but my lovely husband and beautiful sister decided to “pose” for my many photos.

I think that this is how Prince sees himself…

Bryant Park was right next to the library and it had it’s own holiday market/winder wonderland/skating rink.  I loved it! It was so fun and there was a wider variety of stores here as well.  The first place we went had the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.  I don’t even regret paying $5 for a cup smaller than a tall at Starbucks.

The Empire State Building all lit up for Christmas.

After dinner, we met up with some of our friends, who knew how to show a girl from Virginia a good time…and pose like a boy band?

On Sunday, we went to church, had brunch and then walked home through Central Park.  It was such a beautiful day.  I know the winter is going to get brutal so I’ve been trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible.

That night I made us a home made meal and we had friends over for the Giants game.  All in all, a nice little weekend!  Any volunteers for our second visitors??

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