Settling In

For the first week of November, Scott and I were able to spend the whole week settling in and exploring our neighborhood.  In a way, it was like an extension of the honeymoon.  We didn’t have work responsibilities, were able to spend all of our time together and go out to dinner every night!

Once I was pretty much finished with the kitchen, there truly was nowhere else to put  away any of our things.  We have two small closets in our apartment which we split up for each of us to use for our clothes.  Which left us with no hall closet or other storage.  So the priority our first day was clearing enough floor space to put together our new nine foot armoire. Scott was such a trooper.  I did have to help at certain points when he claimed that the Ikea directions called for a “wife” to help.

Once we were up and running, it was so nice to put everything away.    Here is the finished product.  See if you can spot a Prince…

Another challenge was the couch – or lack thereof.  While we were moving in, we realized that Scott’s old couch would not fit in the apartment.  All it took for Scott to admit defeat was 3 guys trying to move the couch (and 5 more people watching and “giving advice”), a half hour of trying and a gouge out of the hallway outside of our apartment.  So out to the curb it went.  There was already a lovely red velour couch sitting out there, so we just added to the pile.  They were both gone the next morning, which was actually quite impressive.

So we were in the market for a new couch.  One of our first trips on the subway was to Chinatown to buy a couch and dresser.  I was secretly (or not so secretly) happy to get a new couch in the color of our choosing.  The bad news was that it took a week for our new furniture to be delivered.  I never realized just how much we rely on couches and how comfortable they are!  So until the new, pretty couch was delivered, we had to get creative.

We weren’t able to assemble our kitchen table for a few days, so a bookshelf my grandfather built was our table for our first meal at home.

And when Modern Family came on (I could have cried when Scott asked if I wanted to take a break to watch it!) here was our set up.

So that was our first week in the apartment! More details to come!


4 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Happy to see you are settling nicely in NYC. How is the neighborhood? Have you explored a lot? Gone shopping?! 🙂 How is Prince liking the new digs? So many questions. 🙂 Miss you!

  2. Girl. I feel you. I have no couch yet in my new place either. 3 weeks for delivery! Shenanigans! But your place looks FAB and I am so glad to hear you are doing well. We miss you both so much!

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